Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 reasons for the popularity of Susan Boyle

I first watched the You Tube clip of Susan Boyle when it had about 12,ooo viewers. I remember tearing up and having goosebumps pop up on my arms. As of April 20th that You Tube clip had over 100 million views. So why is Susan Boyle's appearance on, Britain's Got Talent, the British equivalent of American Idol, so inspiring?

1. Susan's frumpish appearance and claims to rock the audience was greeted with skepticism by the audience and judges. It's moving to see that with a few words of the song, she immediately changes their minds.

2. Her lilting, lyrical voice is, indeed, beautiful.

3. She chooses a beautiful, poignant song from the musical, Les Miserables, which is about life killing youthful dreams. Susan, obviously, has lived this song.

4. She shows us that talent can live in the most unproposing package. This gives hope to all lack self-esteem because of their outsides, yet nurture a secret dream within their heart.

5. Her singing made Simon's Cowell's face light up with surprise. (A welcome change from his usual impassive or critical expression.) His joyful smile was as touching as Susan's performance. 

6. The other judges, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, showed how moved they were by Susan's singing.

7. She showed that it's important to never give up on your dreams, at the most improbable times and places, they can come true.

8. She demonstrated that taking a large risk, exposing herself to national ridicule, can pay off. How much more can taking small risks, pushing beyond your fear of someone(s) judgement, bring you success.

9. We can't help feeling happy for Susan, when we see how happy she is at the end of her song.

10. As Amanda says (paraphrasing) this was a wake-up call not to be so cynical.

What are some of the ways Susan's performance touched you?

For today:
Reading fiction--Deception Point by Dan Brown
Reading Nonfiction--Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder
Affirmation--I enjoy my time off to the fullest.
Prayer--that life brings Susan Boyle all the goodness she deserves.

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